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Take a look at what our customers have to say about us!

Sherwood Schwartz (Executive Producer, “The Brady Bunch” and “Gilligan’s Island”): “My best to Supermachine! They could take the spots off a Dalmatian!"

Joy Picus: “The carpets looked and felt clean and revived - as good as new. They did the job quickly and efficiently. I can heartily recommend them for any job like this. We certainly intend to only use Supermachine whenever our carpets need cleaning.”

Mirman School: “We give Supermachine and their staff an A+ report card on all aspects of the job and highly recommend them on all counts.”

Jane Calabro: “The carpets look the best they’ve ever looked. I will definitely refer Supermachine to my friends and clients.”

Susie Chang: “The job was well done. The tough spots were removed. It was a good value for the money.”

Harry Grant: “I have been a customer since 1986. I think that says it all!”

Mark Gibbs: “An excellent job on what was once an atrocious carpet.”

Judi Freed: “I vote for my husband’s company.”

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