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Carpet Cleaning

At Supermachine we have such a great reputation among our clients, mostly because we treat each of our customers as individuals. We dedicate much of our time and energy into catering to each of our customers' specific needs. Each customer will meet with the owner of the company, Sylvan Freed, to see what the best and smartest carpet cleaning methods are for you and your family.

Tile and Grout and Stone Cleaning/Sealing

Have you ever tried to clean or restore your tile and grout with store bought cleaning products? If you have, you know this can be quite a hassle. From spending time kneeling on that hard tile floor, to the fumes of various cleaning products wafting into your face, it can be a tough job for a homeowner to take on.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

After you move into your new home, the next thing to do is furnish it and bring it to life. This can be an expensive investment, but unfortunately many people do not take the time to make sure they get the full life out of their investment. In efforts to keeping furniture and upholstery clean, people often make the mistake of using harmful cleaning products that can leave stains or result in damaging the material. Eventually, everyday wear and tear along with taking cleaning into your own hands can turn a wonderful sofa into an eye sore and ruin the appearance of your rooms.

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