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Your Tile and Grout Cleaner in Northridge, CA

Supermachine Carpet Cleaners is offering new clients a great special on tile, grout and stone cleaning! Call us today and get a free cleaning demonstration, coupled with helpful tips on how to keep your floors cleaner for a longer period of time. Supermachine has been around 40 years! That is 40 years of cleaning in both of the residential and commercial setting. We make sure that our technicians are IICRC certified to ensure that the proper cleaning techniques are used. Based on the type of tile an stone used on your floors, we will identify the most effective and proper cleaning regimen for it. It is very important to us that we deliver the best service to all of our clients.

Aside from years of experience, Supermachine offers its special sealant to our clients. This will ensure that after we cleaning you tile, grout and stone, there will be a shield that minimizes future dirt and dust deposits on your floors. If you choose to have your floors cleaned without using the proper sealant, you may have to get your floors cleaned again sooner than you would like. Supermachine would like to be your tile and grout cleaner in Northridge, CA

Call us for a free demonstration today at (818) 886-7001!

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