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Why Is Calabasas, CA Carpet Cleaning At Regular Intervals So Important

If you have carpeting in your home, you have probably heard that it is important to do more than simple cleaning with a home vacuum cleaner, and the occasional spot stain removal using a store bought cleaning solution. However, you may be wondering why this is such an important action. Here a few important reasons why regular carpet cleaning is so important for the appearance and longevity of your carpet:

1. Dirt Build-up Removal: Even the best of home vacuum cleaners are simply unable to reach the dirt and grime that can accumulate over time in the average carpet. The reason is that because of regular daily use and foot traffic, dirt gets pushed deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers, and the only way that all of it it can be effectively extracted is through use of a high powered cleaning machine. This is where professional carpet cleaning can help. The equipment and cleaning process that we use is powerful and effective, lifting deeply ground-in hidden dirt out of your carpet, and restoring it to its original new-looking appearance.

2. Stain Removal: Tough stains cause by spills of wine, juices, sauces, pet urine, or other stain producing items cannot be completely lifted out of carpet by store bought cleaning agents alone. With professional Calabasas, CA carpet cleaning, we use high strength cleaning solutions that are completely safe for your carpet, lifting even the toughest and most unsightly stains out of your carpet.

3. Odor Removal: Pet activity, smoking, and even strong food odors can infiltrate a carpet, leaving it smelling stale and unattractive. Our cleaning equipment lifts foul odors completely out of carpet, leaving it smelling clean and fresh.

For the best in professional Calabasas, CA carpet cleaning treatment for your carpets, we provide expert service at reasonable prices. Give us a call today!





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