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Reasons to Keep a Clean Carpet in Woodland Hills, CA

Did you know that a dirty carpet can become the catalyst for indoor air pollutants? Well, they certainly can. Everyday activities, like walking through carpets, playing and even vacuuming can cause these gases to be released. Homeowners may also be unaware that their home has dust mites. The infestation is hard to detect, as dust mites are microscopic in size. Dust mites are not allergens, but what they leave in your home, is. Dust mites leave behind feces and body parts that are, in fact, allergens.

At Supermachine in Woodland Hills, CA, these indoor air pollutants won’t be given the chance to infect your home and affect your family. If your home is infested with dust mites, Supermachine will perform a steam clean that uses temperatures too high for dust mites to survive under. Call Sylvan Freed to schedule a free carpet audit today! 818-886-7001, ask about our Offer of the Week!

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