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Professional Carpet Cleaner in Calabasas, CA

When you're ready for a professional carpet cleaning in Calabasas, CA please give us the chance to exceed your expectations!

Until then, here are...


  • Vacuum your carpets once a week, or more often in heavily trafficked areas. You will prolong the life of your carpet with regular vacuuming by eliminating the build-up of grit and other dirty particles that can actually cut carpet fibers.
  • Every third or fourth week, spend some extra time using your vacuum's crevice tool to clean around baseboards, radiators and other hard to reach places.
  • When vacuuming wall-to-wall carpeting, visually divide the floor into sections and vacuum one entire section before moving on to the next.
  • Be sure not to rush vacuuming your carpets, especially plush carpets where dirt can frequently get deeply embedded. No matter how high powered your vacuum cleaner is, one pass is not enough. Working slowly and taking the time to make sure you go over each section thoroughly will allow your vacuum's suction to efficiently remove even ground-in dirt, dust and other particles.
  • Areas where people sit and move their feet require extra attention. To effectively clean these high traffic areas, use overlapping strokes in a crisscross pattern.
  • If you choose to use a soil retardant on new or newly cleaned carpets, be sure to follow manufacturers' directions. Ideally, soil retardants should only be applied with professional equipment, using the application techniques recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Did you know adding baking soda to your vacuum cleaner bag will help fight odors? It's true!
  • It all starts with vacuuming, but when it comes time for a more thorough carpet cleaning you will save time and money, and prolong the life of your carpets by hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Calabasas, CA.

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