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Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner in Calabasas, CA

Carpets are the largest filter in your home. They are a catch-all for all types of contaminants, pollen and allergens. When you add cats and dogs to this mix, carpets will also catch their contaminants. Cats and dogs shed hair year round. They also release bodily secretions like saliva and urine. All of this can make for a tough life when it comes to keeping up your carpets. Supermachine is your pet friendly carpet cleaner in Calabasas, CA, and wants to give you some great tips and product that will help save the life of your carpets for as long as possible.

The first thing you can do is keep your pets groomed. The less they have to shed, the less hair that will end up in your carpet. Shedding is inevitable to be truthful, but if we can minimize it then that might help. Another tip on how to keep your animals from greatly affecting your carpets is to purchase a store bought urine repellent. The chemicals in this will deter dogs and cats from peeing on your carpets. In our experience, these products do not always work. When Supermachine gives you a free, no obligation, estimate they will also give you a free urine treatment product, if requested. If the ideas above just don't seem to work for you, call the pet friendly carpet cleaners in Calabasas, CA. Supermachine has scientifically engineered carpet cleaning solutions that break down and remove pet stains and odors in their entirety. 

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