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No Offense, But It's Possible to Get Your Carpet Cleaner In Calabasas, CA

 You're probably familiar with the typical vacuum salesman's favorite trick. He'll get you to clean an area with your cleaner, then go over it again with his machine. You're supposed to be so impressed with the dust he dumps on your floor, dust that came from your just cleaned rug, that you'll buy on the spot. The real trick is letting you think a vacuum alone can ever completely clean a carpet.

The truth is, it's impossible. Any vacuum will leave some allergen laded dust and grime at the base of your rug's fibers. This isn't to say it's a waste of time to vacuum, of course you should vacuum, often and thoroughly, but you need a professional Calabasas, CA carpet cleaner to complete the job.

It's about so much more than good appearances.

Many people seem to think that as long as they avoid stain causing spills on their carpet everything is good. They may even realize their vacuum is leaving filth deep in their rug. They simply push those thoughts to the back of their mind satisfied their floors look good. What those head in the sand types don't realize, or won't acknowledge, is the health problems that may be caused by the allergen laden dust their vacuum leaves. They are just as oblivious to the fact that the rug itself will be damaged over time by the wear and tear caused by materials left behind.

If your carpet is new you probably have instructions for its care. Those instructions will tell you how often to use a professional Calabasas, CA carpet cleaner. If you don't have instructions, don't worry, we'll know what to do. At your request we'll come to your house to give a free estimate based on what's best for your carpets.

No Offense, But It's Possible to Get Your Carpet Cleaner In Calabasas, CA



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