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Most Informative Carpet Cleaners in Calabasas, CA

Hello all!

We've got a few things in the works here at Supermachine, and wanted to keep you abreast on what's cookin'! 

Now we all know that not all spills call for having a carpet cleaner come to your home to help remove the stain. We want to equip our customers with a tool box of techniques to remove some of the most common stains caused by everyday life, and those random spills we have! We aren't perfect and don't expect that you and your family should be. Life happens!

In a very short time, Supermachine will be launching the Supermachine Spot Removal Guide! It will give you instructions on how to use house hold products and materials to remove some of the most common stains, such as coffee, ink, pen stains, gum and much much more. If you have any input on stains you would like featured in the blog, be sure to email us at sprmachine@aol.com. 

Each stain will come with step by step removal instructions, as well as a short video demonstration on how to remove the stain successfully for those of you who are more of visual learners.

We are very excited about the launch of our Spot Removal Guide, and hope it helps ease some of those sticky situations!

For the best and most informative carpets cleaners in Calabasas, CA, call Supermachine at 818-886-7001!

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