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Fastest Stain Removal in Calabasas, CA

Usually, when we think of oil stains in our carpet, they come from a family member tracking in car oil from the driveway. This isn't the only oil stain that homeowners are plagued with. What about those nights where you're juggling work, kids, house chores and the wonderful task of cooking dinner. Oil can turn into hot bubbling grease very quickly, and this can be tracked around the house, onto carpets, without u even being aware. After a while you start to notice that darkened area of carpet leading from the kitchen to the living room. This is called a high traffic area, and often times oils can be found there. 


You can remove these stains by following these next few steps for the fastest stain removal laid out by Supermachine Carpet Cleaners!

- It is always best to catch the stain when it is fresh. Once you are ready to begin removal, use a paper towel blot the stain until no more oil can be saturated into the towel.

-Grab a wash cloth, and pour small amounts of rubbing alcohol directly on the stain. Continue blotting. Be sure not to rub or wipe the stain, as this will just cause it to spread to other areas of otherwise, clean carpet.

-Mix one quart of water with a fourth teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Be sure to use a dishwashing liquid that does not contain lanolin or bleach. 

-Apply the mixture with a sponge, and continue betting until the oil stain is completely gone.



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