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Follow Your Dream

Sylvan Freed, a Los Angeles native, chose to get into the carpet cleaning business because “[he] wanted a business, not a job.” From this, his dream of having his own business was realized and Supermachine Carpet Cleaners was conceived.

 After landing his first major account as the choice carpet cleaner for one of the largest entertainment companies in the country, and having them refer him to other major movie studios, he knew this could be a fulfilling and fruitful career path.

“For decades I didn’t realize I actually created a job with no end of hours because I was constantly working in my business,” Sylvan said. “Not until I read Michael Gerber’s book, the E-Myth, did I realize that working in your business, and not on your business, are two very different disciplines, and this inspired me to read hundreds of books on marketing.”

In 1963, he started working as hard as he could. With his dream milling around his brain, he began cold canvassing, using the, then, Yellow Pages as his sales bible. Sylvan went to every technical training seminar he could find to perfect his craft, and become as proficient as possible at his work.

Sylvan said it’s his clientele that keep him going. “My clients welcome me when I come, refer me, communicate with me in regards to the jobs. I feel not an invasive pest, but a welcome guest,” said Sylvan. 

In regards to future goals, he doesn’t plan to change a thing. “I’d like to make sure that the business doesn’t get too big, so that we don’t lose quality control,” said Sylvan. He still relishes being in the trenches; cleaning carpets and furniture, and seeing clients turn into raving fans.

If you find yourself walking on dirty or stained carpet when you walk into your home or business, call Sylvan Freed at Supermachine Carpet Cleaners. He cuts prices, not corners. Services are available in the Calabasas and West Valley areas.


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