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Carpet Cleaning for Real Estate Agents in Calabasas, CA

Good morning Super People!

Do you know any real estate agents? Are you a real estate agent? Supermachine Carpet Cleaners has a special promotion going on that gives anyone who is a real estate agent, or who refers a real estate agent, a $50 credit on their next $150 purchase. Call us and talk with Owner, Sylvan Freed, to discuss details and schedule a free carpet inspection!

Sylvan will bring along a special light, that will allow you to see spots that you may not have known were present. You will then be equipped with the necessary information to decide who you would like to clean your carpets, and when!

We encourage emergency needs, as we specialize in fast drying techniques. With the use of powerful fans that can dry your carpets in just a few hours, we will make sure that your office is ready for anything!

Give us a call today at 818-886-7001!

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