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Best Water Damage Specialists in Calabasas, CA

If you find yourself with a leak that could result in water damage, it is important to act fast. First get your furniture out of the wet areas. It is especially important to remove wood furniture, as these pieces will easily absorb the water and become damaged. Next, get a wet vacuum and begin sucking up the water to remove as much as you possibly can. Call any janitorial supply to rent the wet vac. Also, get an antimicrobial disinfectant. This is to be sprayed on the carpet, as well as the backing of the carpet and walls. If the water has had time to really soak through the carpet, you will need to pull up the carpet and cut out the padding. Be somewhat precise when cutting the padding, so that it can be easily replaced. Do this as if you are cutting out a puzzle piece. When you purchase new padding, cut the replacement piece in the same pattern so that it can be placed into the hole. You can rent carpet fans from most janitorial supply places. Put them under the carpets for drying, then over the carpet as well. If it is severe, you need a dehumidfer to absorb the moisture out of the structure of the walls and the carpet. It may be best top call a professional if this step is needed. Supermachine is available 24 hours for any water damage incidients that you may need help with. Call the best water damage specialists in Calabasas, CA.

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