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Best Summer Carpet Cleaners in Calabasas, CA

If you are in the San Fernando Valley, or anywhere in Southern California for that matter, there is no way you have not noticed the recent spike in temperature! We've had some pretty hot days during the month of June, and summer has not even officially begun! Supermachine Carpet Cleaners wants to make sure that you stay cool in this warm weather so you can fully enjoy the SoCal sunshine! We've got a few tips below on how to keep you and your home comfortable!

The first thing every household should do is set their thermostat at 72-74 degrees, along with turning it on auto. This will help keep your home at a nice steady temperature throughout the day, and cut down on energy costs. 

Next, be sure to keep your windows closed. If you are running the AC, it will defeat the purpose to have the windows open, because all the cool air will escape and the warm air will come into the home!

Not only will this next step keep you cool, but it will keep you safe and healthy. When it is hot outside, it is easier than you think to have faint from heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated! Invest in a half gallon sized water bottle that you can keep on your person throughout the day. Studies show that guzzling water does not help keep the system irrigated. It is better to sip on your water throughout the day, so that it can be properly processed. It doesn't  hurt that doing this speeds up metabolism as well!

Lastly, be sure to dress appropriately for the seasons! Wearing clothing that is too hot can also make you tired, and contribute to a rising in body temperature. 

Keep Supermachine Carpet Cleaners in mind during the summer time, we will give you the most thorough carpet cleaning ever, or its FREE!

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