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Best Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner in Calabasas, CA

In the spirit of National Pet Appreciation Month, Supermachine is encouraging pet parents to do something nice for their pups and kitties! An easy way to make your furry best friend happy, it to create a new toy for them. Don't worry, it doesn't involve going to the store and sifting through tons of toys in order to find the best one for your pet-child. This time, you're going to make a homemade toy! After all, its the thought that counts, right?

We are going to give you three ideas for hand crafted chew toys that your doggies will love!

1. Create a colorfully knotted chew toy made out of old t-shirts. Find two old t-shirts, and knot them together numerous times, until there is no extra fabric on each end. This will make a tough toy that will keep even the most aggressive chewers entertained for a while! 

2. Something simple. Get an empty cereal box that was on its way to the trash can, and grab some tape. tape up the bottom of the box, though it should already be sealed. Now add a few of your pup's favorite treats to the inside of the box. Tape up the top part of the box, and watch them rip the box to shreds as they try to get those treats out!

3. This last one will serve as more of a homemade treat than a chew toy. Grab some chicken or beef broth, milk bones and an ice cube tray. Pour the beef/chicken broth into the ice tray as if you were making ice cubes. Let them freeze for about 1 hour, or until they have developed a layer of ice on the top of each cube. Then pull them out of the freezer, and stick a milk bone in each cube. Return the tray to the freezer and let them freeze entirely. Once they are completely frozen, your treat will have a nice, cool treat for those hot summer days.

These toys shouldn't be too messy, and will not take much time to make. But the best part is, they'll show your pet how much you love and appreciate them!

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